5. Mimicking Signs

It might seem annoying when a guy mimics you, but truthfully, it's actually a sign that he might really like you.

Whether it is a small bit of mimicking, such as sitting right next to you at the exact moment you sit, running your hand through your hair or biting your lip.

All of these are signs of nervousness and shyness!

Compliments You


@marc, That is really a horrible idea. No offense, but where did you get that idea? If she likes this guy, then why would she want to tell him she has a boyfriend? That would really hurt him and push him away if he really did like her. My advice to you, just tell him you like him. You dont have to confess your undieing love for him, just let him know youre interested.
Anouk van der Kooi
Aww mine is also very nervous,, but when we are texting he is always sooo funny and and cute, he tells me evrything and i feel like i can tell him everything to,, i love him
Mayra Alexandra
hi I really need you help. So I met this guy who works with me and he's been workig with me for about 3 months now. He was always very flirtatious towards me, I went on vacation for a month and when I came back he was more flirtatious than when I left. We started texting each other outside of work nothing romantic or anything just basic hi how are and such. One day he txted me asking me if I still had a bf and I told him yes I do but it's complication because it's not working out. We then decided to talk about this over the phone because it was obvious there was something between the two of us. He told me he thought I was attractive and enjoyed being around me but he didnt want anything serious like a relationship which I agreed with but I also let him know that I had never expected this to happen between me and him and that I also didn't want to be a doormat or anything like that. In the end we decided that we would see where things would go. We started hanging out multiple times a week and since we both work together a lot of the time we would hang out after work. After our 3rd hangout he tried to kiss me and I too him I was lent ready to do anything just yet and he said that's fine I don't want you to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. Eventually we kissed and it was amazing, I haven't been with a lot of people but I'm sure there's a difference between a meaningful kiss and a meaningless kiss. It was weird how we connected, weird in a good way. After our first kiss everytime we hung out I always slept over. Eventually we slept together and it was also amazing, it wa probably one of the best sexual experiences I have ever had. Again I always slept over he was always catering to my needs making sure that I was ok. We even went to lunch and the movies. Even some people at work who I'm good friends with started coming up to me and saying things like "I think he likes you, there's something about the way he looks at you." Everything seemed to be going really well working with him wa sever awkward or anything. I even met his parents and his younger brother who he's incredibly close to. One night I ran into him while he was out with his best friend and we all hung out it was great. Recently he's been distant, I hung out with him the other day but only because two of my other co-workers we hanging out with him too. I looked at his MSGs on his iPad and noticed he was talking to an exgirlfriend of his that lives in the west coast. This ex currently has a bf and my guy has been texting her saying things like I think you should take me back. I know that this girl isn't his exgirlfriend because it wasnt too long ago that he broke up with his last girlfriend. It's very obvious it's an old girlfriend, he has also been somewhat flirting with some of the girls I work with. We haven't been texting each other and we haven't had any physical contact with each other in over a week. I know he knows I'm into him and I know I sexually satisfied him. I dont understand his behavior and it's hard to get him to talk about it because we are almost always at work together. I have backed off in the sense that I have txted him or anything, but I really don't know what to do or what is going on. I thought things were going well. Help!
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