6. Compliments You

A guy who is really into a girl will typically give them all kinds of compliments.

If your crush is constantly telling you how beautiful you are, if could be one of the signs he likes you!

Compliment him back ladies, it'll definitely help boost his self esteem!

He's Comfortable around You


And when he asked me for lead, it was at the end of the day, so he wouldn't need it...? ^^
I like this guy and he knows I like him. So here are things he does to me: he mocks me, he stared in my eyes and got closer to me, he talked about me to his friend (and he said my middle and last name...I didn't think he knew my middle name 😳😂) I think I heard him say my name a couple times to his friends, when my guy friend mentioned my parents he looked over at me (either he's jealous that I'm talking to him, or he wants to know about my family..?), he seems to listen to mine and my friends conversation, when me and my friends are in a group he always stares at me, I think he smiled at me one time, he seems to blush around me too, one time we were staying after school with some other people there too and he asked me for help first out of all of those people, he asked only me for lead for his pencil, and, um, that's all I'm going to write. I have a lot more, but this is enough. 😄 Does he like me? I think he does, but I don't believe myself, so I want someone else's opinion. Please? Thanks ☺️ Btw, we are both in 8th grade.
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