6. Compliments You

A guy who is really into a girl will typically give them all kinds of compliments. If your crush is constantly telling you how beautiful you are, if could be one of the signs he likes you! Compliment him back ladies, it'll definitely help boost his self esteem!

He's Comfortable around You


I really like your tips but I met this guy and we became friends easily. I also introduced him to my roommate and we hang out often. I've started liking him but I don't know if he feels the same. W...
Hey Jocie! Since you are aware of your smacking, I'd just see if you can consciously stop it. :) As far as your ex, I'd talk to him a little bit -- maybe see if he likes you, if he does, I'd definitely break up with your current boyfriend. :)
Hey girl, it sounds like he is trying to get your attention! I'd definitely make your move on him and see if you can ask him out! :)
Their is this guy I met at the pool, he always asks me what I'm doing and I reply with " swimming, what about you" and he replys with the same but he is always at the pool when I'm their, sometimes he...
I've got a problem... Whenever I would kiss my bf when we were together, I made a really annoying smacking sound. Help?? And also, I need help on getting my ex back. See, when I broke up with him (st...
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