8. Teases You

When you are dealing with a crush and you have no idea if he really likes you or not -- does he tease you?

Does he constantly joke around with you and feels comfortable enough that you'll not take him seriously?

That's a sign that he likes you!

Really Listens to You


Heather Jensen
Hi The! That's tricky -- you definitely don't want to go after the teacher -- that could end his career. I'd say you need to find someone that is your own age. :)
Hey, you guys are aweome!! I really REALLY need help! i think i have a crush on my english teacher! :S He treats me as others, and nice to me... but i get jealous when he talks to others! all the cool an nice girls are in his classes, which make me feel uncomfortable! I know its not right! but i just like him! he is pretty older than me! he is not married, and he just moved in to our city from another state. what should i do? :S
Heather Jensen
That's so cute!! :)
Heather Jensen
Hey Cherry! It sounds like he does like you, but he's probably just shy. Have you tried to talk to him a little bit more? Maybe up the flirting? Maybe ask him out and see what he says. You can ask him casually to hang out right? :)
There's a guy I like and I think he likes me too but I don't know. I asked him out awhile back and he said: "I don't know... I don't want ti say no... But I can't say yes." He said later on that it was because I might have had to move but when I told him today that I probably don't have to he didn't say anything about us going out. I'd think he was just trying to let me down easy but he: lets me wear his jacket, started wearing his cologne more after I said I like it, hugs me, danced with me, walked around with his arm around me, texts me alot, flirts, let me lay with my head in his lap, wrapped his arms around me and tickled me just to see me laugh, acts different around me than the other girls, and awhile back we were standing in front of my house and he stared in my eyes for a little and complimented them, and layed in the yard with me and looked at the stars. He acts like he likes me right? Why hasn't he asked me out then? Or brought up me asking him out? Help me!
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