8. Teases You

When you are dealing with a crush and you have no idea if he really likes you or not -- does he tease you? Does he constantly joke around with you and feels comfortable enough that you'll not take him seriously? That's a sign that he likes you!

Really Listens to You


I am absolutely in love with a boy, he sorta knows it and I think he likes me too, he is always smiling and smouldering at me... I have severe depression and just dont know how anyone could like me, i...
Hello. There's this guy at my school who I've known for 5 months. Ever since then, he's been emailing me and texting me and we've had awesome convos. I fell in love new spent so much time together-- b...
@Heather, Hey, I get where you're coming from. I've read somewhere that if he's specific with his answers than he's being honest with his plans.
Hey Anon! Absolutely! You just click and reply where you want to or start a new comment!
Hi Autumn! Thanks for stopping by! That is so weird. You would think that if he likes you, he would want to be alone with you. I'd give it another week and then try to talk to him about it and see...
Hi Anon! It doesn't sound like he is into you that way, it sounds more like he is into you as a friend. I wouldn't ask him out again, especially if he has turned you down a couple times. Maybe try ...
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