14. There's No Trust between You, Either

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You need to trust the person you're dating.2

If you assume he's cheating on you every single time he leaves the house, something is very wrong.

You can't start fights whenever he goes somewhere without you, so you need to learn to trust him or leave him.

Your Man is Always Your Last Priority


I'm sad I had to read this article. Been together 3 1/2 years. Last year has been horrible, especially the last few months. We both still love each other which is why we haven't broken up. 3 1/2 years is a lot to walk away from. Idk what to do, but this article certainly put my situation and feelings into perspective. I guess if we can't fix things, then it's over 😭
Hello every one ..I would like your guy give me some opinion and exchange to help me improve to decide what I should do for next ? we have been together 1 year and one day he told be he want to break up with me my boyfriend he give us a chance but he doesn't love me and we still live to together ... and he told me we have a strong feeling im sure my feeling with you will come back ..so what I should to ? carry on or leave
@Christina , IT IS SAD. :(
samesies :( for like 1 year and a half and I AM NOT EVEN SURE............ =.=
Jay Cowell
Probably worth mentioning that most, if not all, of these signs could also be indicators that you\'re passive aggressive.
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