30. The Whole Relationship Feels like an Obligation

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Spending time together, being intimate, having a conversation, even being in the same room – everything feels more like an obligation than a relationship.

You have to be there.

It's something you have to do, not something you genuinely want to do.son on the planet, even though he has flaws.

If you are no longer excited by the sight of him, then you might have to end it all.

Relationships are not black and white;

everyone I know has had doubts about their love relationships at one time or another in their lives.2

We don’t always know without a doubt that the relationship we are in is the one for us but there are signs that indicate which way things are going.

Often our bodies, moods and emotions tell us what we are really feeling before we are ready to face it ourselves.

Does anyone have any other telltale signs that you no longer want to be in the relationship you are in?

This post was written in collaboration with editors Lyndsie Robinson, Lisa Washington, and Holly Riordan.2


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1 year and a half then he broke up with me suddenly 3 weeks later he's in an other relationship 😢
Why are there so many ads with each post. So annoying
peony blue
So so true
so as much as i try to fight to be in this relationship he always prove me not to i was at my mothers house yesturday and he said his going on vacation with his family and im not invated cuz is only his part of the family allowed in front of my mother i felt so bad i wanted to cry i said really thats cool enjoy your self and my mom said thats not nice why you dont think my daughter aint your family ugh i hate he said that in front of my mom but its really a long list but when i want to leave he always say he needs me im ready to move on but i dont want to hurt him
I'm sad I had to read this article. Been together 3 1/2 years. Last year has been horrible, especially the last few months. We both still love each other which is why we haven't broken up. 3 1/2 years is a lot to walk away from. Idk what to do, but this article certainly put my situation and feelings into perspective. I guess if we can't fix things, then it's over 😭
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