17 Telltale Signs You Don't Love Him Anymore 💔 🙁 😿 ...


Falling in love is wonderful, but falling out of love?

Not so much.

Maybe that's why we avoid it at all costs, staying in a relationship way longer than we should before admitting we've fallen out of love.

If you think it might be over, but you're just not sure, there are a few telltale signs you just don't love him anymore.

How many of these boxes can you check? ☑️

1. You're Nit-Picky 😒

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Every little thing he does just annoys you, and you struggle to remember what it was like before he was so irritating.

2. You Avoid Sex 🍆

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In the beginning, you couldn't get enough of your man, but now you've started avoiding sexytime.

3. Those Three Words 💕

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When he says "I love you," rather than butterflies, you feel anguish, guilt, or just nothing at all.

4. No Touchy!

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Along with the lack of sex drive, you also can't stand it when he tries to snuggle up to you, or even just hold your hand.

5. No Future

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You suddenly avoid talking about the future — especially your future together — and when he talks about it, you get antsy and change the subject.

6. His Family

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Have you started to disconnect from his family and friends?

7. The Insults

Cuida Tu Vaca, person, facial expression, singing, speech,

Next time you're with the squad, try to notice how many times you casually throw your man under the bus.

Does it happen more often than you care to admit?2

8. Ugh, Other Couples! 💑

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Being around other, happier couples makes you uncomfortable — why is that?

It never bothered you before, but now you just want to gag...

or look away.

9. You're Looking 👓

person, Red, Oaks,

You may not be technically single — okay, you're not single at all — but you find yourself playing the field a little.

You Pick Fights
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