6. Texting versus Sexting

I'm going to make a quick little point that I'm sure all mothers will agree with me on. I'm not a mother, but I do have siblings. And I think I'm within bounds by stating that minors, especially minors 16 and under, should not be sexting one another. It's actually illegal in some states now! Sexting versus texting is a broad subject, one with many opinions I'm sure. But the point is, while there may be no harm in flirting by text, there's a lot of harm in sext flirting and for young minors in particular!

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What is sexting?
Heather Jensen
I'd say that you should try to actually text him. :)
The blank text thing didn't work for me. What that mean?! Lol
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I know that's a fear that a lot of girls have, but truthfully, I'd see if you can talk to him! Get into his group of friends. :)
I really like this guy, and he's quite popular, I really want to get to know him but I'm worried he'll reject me and won't want to know :(
Heather Jensen
Hey Catty! It's not necessarily bad if you are using it to spice up your relationship with your boyfriend. :)
why is sexting so bad?
Heather Jensen
Hey Makinzie! Thanks so much for the comment! There are tons of ways you can flirt without being too much. Just a smile or even some eye contact and be flirting! :)
Makinzie Payne
How do I flirt without coming across too flirty?
THE BLANK MESSAGE WORKS! lol I texted my crush number 1 and a few days after he asked me out! lol it's an easy way to show him/her that you're interested.
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