6. Texting versus Sexting

I'm going to make a quick little point that I'm sure all mothers will agree with me on.

I'm not a mother, but I do have siblings.

And I think I'm within bounds by stating that minors, especially minors 16 and under, should not be sexting one another.

It's actually illegal in some states now!

Sexting versus texting is a broad subject, one with many opinions I'm sure.

But the point is, while there may be no harm in flirting by text, there's a lot of harm in sext flirting and for young minors in particular!

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Heather Jensen
Take a look! I just answered it. :)
Also want to know your thoughts on Sara's question?
random question, can anyone tell me where the dress is from in the first picture?
My boyfriend wants me to try anal. Should I?
Heather Jensen
Hi Ally! It's basically 'cybering' via text message.
What is sexting?
Heather Jensen
I'd say that you should try to actually text him. :)
The blank text thing didn't work for me. What that mean?! Lol
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I know that's a fear that a lot of girls have, but truthfully, I'd see if you can talk to him! Get into his group of friends. :)
I really like this guy, and he's quite popular, I really want to get to know him but I'm worried he'll reject me and won't want to know :(
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