3. Song Lyrics

I know that sometimes song lyrics can express what you are feeling much better that you ever will, but that is not a reason to text them to your ex. Especially stay away from sending your former love messages with lyrics of your song, particularly if lately you’ve heard it pretty much everywhere and you've begun to think it’s a sign you two should get back together. It’s usually not and it can be pure coincidence.

One-Word Text Messages


Emily Grate
Julie, "accidently" text him a pic of u and a hott new guy! Haha
I know all the silly things I shouldn't text but wish I could think of one fabulous text I could send.
Ms Charissa
@ Kiana exactly. Just 'move on' is the word
Deleting their number does nothing if you have been together for a while. You probably have it memorized.
Delete his number and pictures of him AND with him at all cost! Move on
Cora Alyn
Wow needed this lol!
Delete his num. and life goes on ! If he realy want you he will come to you😒
😂😂😂😂 1 and 3 are my favorite
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