5. Resentful Rants

I know you are hurting and you might even be furious but thatโ€™s not an excuse for being mean to your ex and for sending him (her) non-stop text messages full of resentful rants.

If you want to move on, just let go of your past and that includes also everything that has to do with your ex. Youโ€™ll solve nothing by blaming him (her) for everything that goes wrong in your life and youโ€™ll only seem bitter or, in some cases, drunk. Focus on yourself and on your happiness and try to forget about the one that hurt your feelings.

โ€œThinking of Youโ€


ohh he wanting u want me o drive u home or u got a ride
frfr lmaoo lol im ready da get home so i can talk da baeeeeeeeeee 11/8
hey wud doing im in this lame class its so boring wrtie now
@1183646, heey kinajah lmaoo wyydd
hey deja
Brilliant 😁
Nice one Emily! Very funny
I am so guilty of #1..
Emily Grate
Then be like, "sorry meant to send that to the contact next to u in my phone."
Emily Grate
Julie, "accidently" text him a pic of u and a hott new guy! Haha
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