10 Straightforward Text Messages πŸ“± That Are Not Meant to Be over-Analyzed πŸ€” ...


When you're crushing on a guy, it's easy to overanalyze every little thing he says to you. However, you can't waste all of your time trying to decipher his texts. Sometimes, you should just take them at face value. According to Elite Daily, here are some of the most common texts that women are always overthinking:

1. The β€œWhat's up?” Text


Why would he text you at all if he had nothing to say?

The Midnight Text


Am I the only women who doesn't use snapchat? I literally had it on my mobile for about 2 minutes then deleted it.
You can't text back too quickly and you can't take hours to text back either! You get a choice: text back in a timely manner or there is no texting. After a no text back within 2 hours, the conversation is automatically over.
Lolllll I noticed that too
Aun Aunn
That's so me 😜😜
Snapchat is a waste
I always felt if a guy respond is rapid he likes you because guys dont respond quickly but even if its within certain minutes because guys dont want to come over desperate or a stalker and some dont what to say like
Half of these aren't text messages??
Haha it's funny 'cause it's true! I've done the same thing...
Sasa Fab
Great article, you're absolutely right. You can go crazy trying to dissect a text I know I have and it's not always what it seems, or is it?
Sasa Fab
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