The Benefits βœ… of Breaking up πŸ’” with Social Media πŸ“± ...


Social media is great, Facebook is has changed the way we do everything and Twitter allows us to really express ourselves in 140 character or less, but … there is too much social media out there!

Sometimes, I feel like there is so much information coming at me, it can be overwhelming, so why not break up with social media for a few weeks?

1. Your Phone Won't Hold You Hostage

Your Phone Won't Hold You Hostage
Productivity? You'll Be Better at It …


I quit facebook years ago and I never regretted it, best decision ever.
I only have one social media account (FB), got rid of it for few months now. I felt good about it. I felt so much freedom of not letting anyone know what's happening in my life.
I had fb for a year got rid of it to much hypocrisy from people who called themselves your friends. And yes life is better without it
I used to spend a lot of time on social media.But got rid of it when I was 20.I t felt so good to be not caring about what other people are doing or commenting and to be out in the world .I am 23 now.I am having the happiest life with great friends and family..Instead of using social media when bored ,now I go for road trips in my convertible or listen to music or hang out with friends and family..Its so much more fun for me this way.But everyone are different.
You don't have to quit social media, just be responsible by means of time management.
I deleted my Facebook, tumblr, instagram, etc but my family really wanted me to make a new fb so I could talk to them all and I got sucked back in. Don't be afraid of social media though, just know how to use it appropriately and in moderation. Social networking is a GOOD thing, my friends.
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