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People say that Latin is a dead language. However, that doesn't mean that it's any less beautiful than the languages that are commonly spoken today. In fact, Latin is one of the most interesting and complex languages that has ever existed. If you want to help keep it alive, here are a few Latin words that you can use as pet names for your boyfriend, (even though they weren't originally intended to be pet names):

1. Cara

Cara means beloved. It's one of the best Latin words to use to describe your boyfriend, because it's short, sweet, and easy to say. If your boyfriend likes the sound of it, teach him what it means, so he can use it as a pet name for you, too.



Cara means dear in Indonesian...
Um, for Italian you should use Caro for a guy, I think. I use German and French ones with my bf, he loves it. Mein Liebling, mein Schatz, mon loup.
Fideles sounds like widelec and that means fork in polish XD
Lisa Berger
I've been studying Latin for over 4 years now. I agree with Scarlett, uxor means wife in the most common sense. Karla must be talking about some Hispanic language, because even though it's true that i...
Most of them are inaccurate!
Gabriela Téllez
No way this is true! Cara means face! This is Portuguese and most Latin people talk Spanish not Portuguese
Btw, my name is mei :3
Mon chéri, mon bébé, mon homme.
Amor is also Spanish for love & Mi Amor or Mi Amorcito means my sweetheart.
If you say cara to a man it's the same has mate, it's caro to a guy and it's said "meu caro" as "my dear" for a girl it's "minha cara"
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