The 7 Best Pets to Raise with Your Boyfriend ...


Are you and your boyfriend thinking of getting a pet?

There are many factors to consider in making your choice, such as the expenses involved and the time commitment.

It's best to stick to animals that are easy to care for, unless you have the experience to care for exotic species.

So here are some ideas of suitable pets …

1. Caged Birds

Caged Birds

Caged birds can be delightful pets, and don't necessarily require a great deal of space, so they're ideal if you live in a small apartment.

Some birds, like finches, prefer company, so you may need to get a pair.2

Budgies are entertaining, noisy little companions that can learn a substantial vocabulary if you start teaching them when they're young enough.

Guinea Pig


Rats rock! Dogs are so lovely too. All animals are great. Even better to share their awesomeness with someone you love
Budgies can't speak....I own them and have researched about them quite a few times. Most kinds of parrots on the other hand can learn to speak if they get properly trained.
Isabella Coles
Omg I looove ferrets! But yeah no children around lol
A dog is the animal that will create the most bond in a relationship, so a don't get why it's not on here.
You put a picture of a dog and a couple but dog wasn't on the list! 😯
Morgan Stewart
What about a dog?
My boyfriend and I have several rats. Soooo adorable!! We have a fish too.
I'm glad the author mentioned ferrets & babies:If you have a baby or are expecting please keep a ferret away from the child under all circumstances. In addition to being destructive, Some breeds are sensitive to high pitched noises (baby crying) and have attacked and killed infants.
I agree @Katie. I have a black Lab puppy an she is the best thing EVER!!! So sweet...
Absolutely Cats are great I had my first pet a kitten at age 44 thinking it would be a complete & utter disaster being so old with a new pet added to the family- it's so a happy ending - we adore Drake to bits he fits in while entertaining us daily!!!!
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