The BIG 👐🏼 Differences between Just Having Sex 🙊 and Actually Making Love ❤️🛏 ...


Intimacy is one of the greatest things we can experience in our lives. A part of this intimacy is physical. When it comes to sex, there can be more than just the act itself – it can be a way to express a deep connection between two people. We’ve found a few things that can show this.

1. Eye Contact👀

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It may seem weird to think about eye contact during sex, but this is actually a great sign of trust between two people. Getting distracted by each other in the heat of the moment happens. But if you gaze at each other a lot, you’re creating an emotional connection.

The Setting


Right on the money brought back a lot of memories of what I love about being in love or just having sex.
Thank you for this! 💕💕
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