10. He's There for All the Good Times Vs He's There for All the Bad Times

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When you're together, it's absolutely amazing.

He's seen you during all of your fantastic moments.

But if he's there for you when times are tough, he's definitely serious boyfriend material.

He Knows Your Interests Vs He Participates in Your Interests


Somebody likes supernatural... Me too...
Kind of risky giving anyone passwords or codes. Just saying. No guarantee "serious boyfriend" will last and you wouldn't want anything personal on blast!
I loved this article especially #1 a true test
peony blue
Linda Jonnes
Knowing friends and their details is fine but secrets...no! There should be some secrets between friends that you shouldn't reveal it to him!
If he knows your friends secrets (even stuff he never wanted to know!!) that just shows how not good of a friend you are being.
I agree with everything but #5, you shouldn't tell him your friends secrets
Love the article 👍❤
Why would he know your friend's secrets? When it's not yours to tell to begin with?
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