13. He's Met Your Family Vs He Keeps in Contact and Makes an Effort with Your Family

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He's met your family over holidays or big events, but a serious relationship means he keeps in regular contact with your family members and shows a genuine interest in your family.

He Always Makes You Feel Better Vs He Makes You Better


David Venice
Pure love or fake love, that is the question :)
Starr Lejarzar
I love that when I read all these they were the serious part. I love even more that when I went into the comments and read @kiryn comment, I knew immediately that he considers me a serious gf because he tells me all his secrets, I've met all his friends and family (wedding). I've even seen him cry over one of the secrets he's told me. Though I try my best from that ever happening again Cus I don't wanna see him cry at all (though I'm kinda happy he cried in front of me). He's definitely the one ❀️ (all of this sounds so corny but I don't even care).
Ok. It's alright to see a guy out on cream and shave his face but it's not alright for some random twat to see u with acne cream on? Tut tut
Don't agree with this blog, men are so good at deceiving women. Even if he showed all these signs it doesn't mean he's serious. I seem to make this mistake every time. It's not women being open with them, it's about men being open with us. If he's serious he'd be open about his life and you'd know his secrets, friends, family and colleagues. If he does that then it's a good sign. Otherwise he's very quick at deflecting it away from himself and focusing on you, the naive girlfriend who believes everything he says when in reality you're just his "dirty little secret".
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