15. He Simply Listens when You're Being Irrational Vs He Calls You out when You're Being Irrational

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A serious boyfriend is a great listener but also has the ability to tell you things openly and honestly.

If you're being irrational - he should be able to tell you.

Your boyfriend could always turn into your serious boyfriend, so you shouldn't worry if he doesn't currently do everything on this list.

You have plenty of time to grow as a couple.

After reading this, do you think you have a boyfriend or a serious boyfriend?


Ok. It's alright to see a guy out on cream and shave his face but it's not alright for some random twat to see u with acne cream on? Tut tut
Don't agree with this blog, men are so good at deceiving women. Even if he showed all these signs it doesn't mean he's serious. I seem to make this mistake every time. It's not women being open with them, it's about men being open with us. If he's serious he'd be open about his life and you'd know his secrets, friends, family and colleagues. If he does that then it's a good sign. Otherwise he's very quick at deflecting it away from himself and focusing on you, the naive girlfriend who believes everything he says when in reality you're just his "dirty little secret".
I think telling him your friends secrets leads to trust issues. If you're telling him their secrets, he's probably wondering if you're telling your friends his secrets.
I like regular or good bf qualities
Somebody likes supernatural... Me too...
Kind of risky giving anyone passwords or codes. Just saying. No guarantee "serious boyfriend" will last and you wouldn't want anything personal on blast!
I loved this article especially #1 a true test
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