The Difference between a Serious Relationship and a Fling ...


So you're dating someone new, and you really like them.

After a while, it may become clear that this is shaping up to be a long-term deal.

But until this happens, you may be unsure about where it's going.

And you may think you're in it for the long term while the guy you're dating sees it just as a fling.

How can you tell if what you have is going to develop into a serious relationship, or if it's just a fling …?

1. He Makes Seeing You a Priority

It's fine for a couple to spend time apart, in fact it's healthy for you to have your own interests.

But your partner should make seeing you a priority at least some of the time.

If he'd always rather see a game with his friends than go out with you, then he's really not that enthused about seeing you - and it's possible that he's just using you to pass the time.

Meeting the Family & Friends


Uuhhmm.. i got someone and now he's staying at NewYork and im here in Philippines. He visits me every 2 months and treats me very well. I cant say any bad thing bout him coz he's really a gentleman but what makes me worried is bcoz he is a player before and im afraid he's just playing around again :(
peony blue
OK Steph5 don't feel too bad. Believe me you will get over him. I think women should be thought things about some men. Men want to sleep with women one way or the other because that is how they are made. If they like you sleeping with you is their way of expressing this. Now a good man will wait if he likes you and have that connection. A bad man's intention is that he will want to sleep with you come what may and if it is just about sex the chances are he will pretend to like you or not esp if he knows that he has messed about with your head. So I will say it isn't we women are emotional creatures and we like to be happy and make our men happy but take a step back if things don't seem to be going your way. Listen to your gut and get rid. Also not all men are like that so it is up to us to not mix love with sex. Just saying.
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