The Difference between a Serious Relationship and a Fling ...


So you're dating someone new, and you really like them.

After a while, it may become clear that this is shaping up to be a long-term deal.

But until this happens, you may be unsure about where it's going.

And you may think you're in it for the long term while the guy you're dating sees it just as a fling.

How can you tell if what you have is going to develop into a serious relationship, or if it's just a fling …?

1. He Makes Seeing You a Priority

It's fine for a couple to spend time apart, in fact it's healthy for you to have your own interests.

But your partner should make seeing you a priority at least some of the time.

If he'd always rather see a game with his friends than go out with you, then he's really not that enthused about seeing you - and it's possible that he's just using you to pass the time.

Meeting the Family & Friends
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