3. Talking about the Future

Can you imagine a future with your partner? Do you talk about plans together such as going on vacation, whether you want children, or buying a home? If you've been dating a while but he always changes the subject when you talk about the future, the signs point towards him not seeing this as a serious relationship.

Going in V Staying out


I have being in a relationship for almost 3 years. I cought him txt a random girl that he met in a computer game in the beginning of our relationship. He immediately dropped her and stopped communicat...
@TiFFANiE, ain't that the truth!! Keeping my fingers crossed my next relationship will be genuine
The truth !! & what hurts the most is the feeling of being stupid, not valued &' lets nit forget embarrassed
It's happened to me. Texting he was very romantic and was always all talk, but when it came to doing things all he wanted to do is stay indoors, and he would always choose his friends over me. I thoug...
My best friend for two years used me just so he could touch me... He dumped me after that and I feel so abused... I haven't been able to think the same about men after this and it's all because of him...
I agree with "SnowLion."& I have sympathy for Steph5-what a jerk he is!
Shannon Bauer
I did my life back I can use can I try it and I love that I can going through my life is going to be not good in life o have been going myself and happened to me a lot my problem of ex with a boy and ...
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