5. One of You Has Recently Split up with Your Ex

While you can't rule out the possibility that a rebound relationship might actually work, jumping into a new relationship straight after leaving another is usually a mistake.

Taking time to recover from the split and working out what you want is more likely to lead to a serious relationship next time around.

He's a Player


peony blue
OK Steph5 don't feel too bad. Believe me you will get over him. I think women should be thought things about some men. Men want to sleep with women one way or the other because that is how they are made. If they like you sleeping with you is their way of expressing this. Now a good man will wait if he likes you and have that connection. A bad man's intention is that he will want to sleep with you come what may and if it is just about sex the chances are he will pretend to like you or not esp if he knows that he has messed about with your head. So I will say it isn't we women are emotional creatures and we like to be happy and make our men happy but take a step back if things don't seem to be going your way. Listen to your gut and get rid. Also not all men are like that so it is up to us to not mix love with sex. Just saying.
I feel I was tricked by this guy into thinking he wanted more than what he actually wanted. He lied to me to get sex and I still feel so violated. I realized what an arrogant spoiled brat he is and dropped him on his ass which he didn't like much. So now he's messing with my head and won't leave me alone. Im just trying to shake off that sickening feeling and consider him the ugliest cruelest thing I could ever let in my life that way. Lies are extremely hurtful, downright cruel. There's a lesson in all this after I get over the serious mind fuck
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