The Difference between Dating in Your Teens and 20s ...


There are a lot of differences between dating in your teens and dating in your twenties.

Some people even say that dating gets better with age, being a much more pleasant experience when you are a bit older.

Even if everyone wants to be loved, we usually tend to crave contrasting things and as we grow older, our tastes and preferences change and this affects our love life too.

We get to know ourselves better and we know exactly what we are looking for in a partner.

Here are some of the most important differences between dating in your teens and dating in your 20s that you should consider:

1. True Compatibility Matters Much More

One of the most important differences between dating in your teens and dating in your 20s is the fact that you care more if you and your potential date have the same interests or the same goals in life.

Liking the same movies or the same music isn’t quite enough anymore.

You want someone who takes risks, who works hard and who learns something new every day, basically someone who inspires you to be better.2

Dating Rules Don’t Matter to You so Much Anymore


peony blue
I think esp women if we just enjoyed our relationships more then we are bound to have greater relationship .naturally as a woman ur biological clock is subconsciously ticking whether you are a teenager or in your forties but importantly you have to enjoy your relationships and move on when it doesn't work out it gives you ample power to weed out the crappy men and as you get much older the chances are you will find yourself your man and hopefully you grow together. Just a thought ...
I am 15 years old, and I find that I do not act as a normal teenager. I already look for these features and I have found a sweet 15 year old boyfriend. It's not his looks, it's not his "comical acts," it is his down-to-Earth personality. I fell for his compatibility. We think of our future rather than if he throws good parties (which he throws none). We're in love. For each other, not for fun.
Actually I think I agree with this. I just turned twenty and I'm in a relationship that is almost perfectly what was described. I thought my previous relationship was too until I figured out that it was actually for a lot of the teen reasons that seemed like better reasons (because I've never been a superficial person). It doesn't make sense if you're a teenager now, but this is largely accurate.
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