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There are plenty of terms used to describe intercourse. "Having sex" and "making love" are the most common, but they don't mean exactly the same thing. One is more meaningful than the other. If you've ever had questions about those phrases, here are the main differences between having sex and making love:

1. The Way He Looks at You

The Way He Looks at You

When you have sex with someone, you might not look them in the eyes, because you'll be too busy admiring their chest and abs. If that's the case, you'll be more interested in each other's bodies than each other's souls. However, when you make love, you'll gaze into each other's eyes, because you'll want more than a physical connection. You'll want to create an emotional connection, as well.

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Now it's all clear to me. Thanks for sharing this article. :)
This article is so clear... I really like it... Keep it up!
Then again, you can't really put a definition on neither, or classify under what circumstances you "make love" or "have sex". For example my boyfriend and I have been in an amazing relationship for 3 ...
This was good clarification. =) There is a difference between the two; ^ Sapna summed it up well. I do think that both could probably be meaningful as long as you are with that special mate that you w...
Sapna Pathak
Nice article making love is more at emotional level while having sex is at physical level
peony blue
Lets not confuse this with hollywood movies !!!
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