The Female Condom: What's It All about?


Have you ever considered using a female condom?

Theyโ€™re still quite mystical when it comes to methods of birth control, with many women dismissing them simply even as an idea, without knowing anything about them.

So what should you know about the female condom?

Here are the basics:

1. What is a Female Condom?

The first question that may be on your mind is simple: what is the female condom?

The female condom is a lubricated pouch that is inserted into the vagina and is designed to lower the risk of both impregnation and sexually transmitted disease.

The condom has a soft ring on each end in order to keep it in place when inserted.

It is Mostly Effective


Yes Suzi. Abstinence is the only 100% effective method! I didn't like these condoms, they are hard to keep in place. I'll keep it old school and stick to condoms designed for men
Trying to be*
What's with everyone trying to smart on here and prove dumb points. Everyone knows abstinence is 100% effective. : /
@Neecey & @Han. The pill is not 100% effective. Abstinence is the only method 100%. Just saying
Neecey Beresford
@Han, No birth control other than the pill is 100% effective and even that has been known to fail.
You lost me at "mostly" effective!
peony blue
I agree with four!
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