17 Major Mistakes 😣 Aquarius Women ♒️ Make in Their Relationships 💏 ...


Zodiac signs can really open up your eyes to your very own flaws, especially when it comes to relationships. If you are an Aquarius, you might not realize exactly what mistakes you are making in relationships. Take a look below and see what you might be able to avoid!

1. You Require a Hell of a Lot of Freedom

You Require a Hell of a Lot of Freedom

Being told what to do in a relationship is not something you'll ever put up with – you also have a problem committing, but we'll get into that.

You Can Be a Bit Scatterbrained


I'm an Aquarius too. This is so true, no wonder I'm still single 😂😂😂
sophie crowford
This is so true every single one
This is true to an extent HAHAHAH love your post!! The only one that I probably wont do is Forget things easily cause I remember things alot
This is bullshit 😂😂
Jessica Kennedy
I'm Aquarius and for me only a few are true. But I believe there are other Aquarius women who this fits ❤
I'm an Aquarius too. Thanks for posting. :)
Some of these are so true 😏
Bettina Julie
Make one for Gemini!
I'm an Aquarius. Not all of these are true, but I do feel like some of them are 😅
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