The 17 Major Mistakes Virgo Women Make in Relationships 💏 ❤️‍ ...


Hey, Virgo stalkers, this one’s for you! You know how amazing you are, right? You’re independent, you’re thoughtful, and you definitely know how to compartmentalize your feelings. Did you ever stop to think about how your star sign affects your love life, though? Because it absolutely does. Take a look at the mistakes Virgo women most often make in their relationships and see if you agree!

1. You Can Be Really Fussy Sometimes

You Can Be Really Fussy Sometimes

This is just something you want to watch out for when you’re with somebody. It’s your nature and that’s cool, but remember that you have to compromise in your relationships.

Sometimes, You Are Really Inflexible


Lisa Marie
Yes definitely me & I'm Virgo. I need to work on these things :-)
I'm a September baby and oh yeah, I can relate to some of them....An Irish Virgo..........
Chichi Ubah
Yes I can relate to this a lot lol😊
For me I can relate a little to #3 and #9. But I feel I am becoming better in channeling those feelings. 😊
Omg all of these are soooo me! 😁
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