The 7 plus Sides to Life after a Breakup ...


After a breakup, it can feel like your life is falling apart.

You might be unable to get out of bed and you might lose your appetite.2

It's an adjustment, but as the days and weeks pass, you will begin to feel better.

It might be hard to believe today, but a breakup can be a blessing in disguise.

Here are 7 plus sides to life after a breakup.

1. Youโ€™ll Have More Time for Yourself

When youโ€™re in a relationship, you might spend every weekend with your partner, and you might talk on the phone for hours every night.

This is fun and exciting, but also time consuming.2

Breakups are hard in the beginning, but once hurt and bitterness passes, take advantage of your free time.

Take a class and discover a hobby, or spend more time with your friends.

You Can Learn about Yourself
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