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I know scores of you will scream β€œjust be yourself,” but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be irresistible to men. And it doesn’t matter if you’re single or not, a woman irresistible to men can work it to her advantage in many areas of life. It isn’t just about looking or dressing the part, you need to cultivate the whole package. So how do you go beyond the good looks and the right clothes to cultivate irresistibility?

1. Retain an Air of Mystery

One of the best tips when considering how to be irresistible to men is to retain just enough mystery about yourself to keep him coming back for more. There is something irresistibly sexy about a woman who appears to have a secret, and the man in question will do everything he can to try and be accepted into your circle of mystery!

Keep Your Composure


Ritchie V
Queen I agree, no human likes to be manipulated. That Eminem song - I love the way you lie is the darker side of bein in a relationship. Men Like Mystery, not secrecy. There is a fine line. Peony Blue...
Ritchie V
The Female part of the Body that turns me on the most is the Brain.
Alisha Khan
The picture on this is so cute!
Evelyn Mae
How can I be confident without looking cocky. And I want him to see I'm humble as well.
Kristina Ball
I need help I am with a narcissist and he loves the thrill of the chase. I'm coming off as too needy what are things I can do need help bad. And we live together he knows he has me where he wants me
Sapna Pathak
I do unknowingly all the things n yea have quite many admirers mystery is also interpretation as don't reveal everything to the guy let him figure out n pester u for telling him
Mystery is damn fucking true! Whomever disagrees is certainly not the "male magnet" type😜
Be yourself.
The guy I just started seeing - I quote likes me for not playing the mind games. This article needs some work...
Michelle Atchison
I agree with these 100%
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