17 Sweetest 😊 Texts πŸ“± Anyone πŸ’― Could Send to Say Goodnight 🌜 ...


We're all waiting for a guy who will text us first thing in the morning and right before we go to bed at night.

Of course, not any text message will work.

He has to say something that'll get our hearts racing and create butterflies in our stomachs.

Here are a few of the sweetest goodnight texts that you could ever give or receive:

1. I Hate Sleeping, Because It’s Eight Hours Spent Away from You


Sleeping isn't relaxing for him.

It's time spent away from the woman who helps him relax.

2. I Hope Your Dreams Are as Sweet as You Are

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This is a corny compliment, but it's still super cute.

3. Unfortunately, My Dreams Could Never Be Better than My Reality with You

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This is why he's never in a rush to get to bed.

He'd rather be awake.

4. I Wish You Were Here to Snuggle with Me

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We all want a man who would rather cuddle with us than have sex with us.

5. My Bed Seems so Empty without You in It

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He'd be a lot more comfortable if he could drape his arms around you and fall asleep with his head in your hair.

6. I Can’t Wait until Morning, Because It Means I Get to See You

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You give him something to look forward to.2

That's why he likes you so much.

7. I Couldn't Sleep until I Heard from You One Last Time

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How adorable is this?

It shows just how much he cares about you.

8. Thinking about You is Going to Keep Me up All Night

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This might mean he's thinking sweet thoughts or naughty thoughts.

Either way, it's a compliment.

9. I Can’t Wait until the Days when We Fall Asleep Together

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He's basically saying he can't wait until you start your life together.

You’re Always the Last Thing I Think about before I Fall Asleep
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