The Thoughts 💭 You Have when You Fall in Love 💕 the First Time 🥇 ...


You will always remember your first love.

We’re talking love that is in a relationship – no matter for how long.

Crushes and unrequited love have their own sets of feelings.

Nothing will ever be quite like the thoughts you have when you fall in love for the first time.

1. Am I Happy? Am I Actually Happy for the First Time? This is a Weird Sensation and I Don’t Know How to Process It!

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2. But Wait, What if He Doesn’t Feel the Same Way That I do? That Sure Makes Me Vulnerable. This is Making Me Unsure about the Relationship!

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3. Can I See Myself Spending the Rest of Myself with This Guy? Can I Envision a Future Where He is Still the Person Who is around to Make Me Feel Better at the End of the Day?

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4. Hold on, Does That Mean That I Will Never Have the Opportunity to Kiss Another Man Again? There Are so Many Hunks That I Haven’t Locked Lips with Yet!


5. He’s Had so Much More Experience than I Have, Does That Mean That We Are Unequal Partners? Will My Lesser Experience Matter in the Long Run?

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6. He Wouldn’t Give Me His Netflix Password That Time, Does That Mean That He is Hiding Other Things behind Passwords on His Phone and Computer!?

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7. Why do I Get so Jealous when He Talks to or Texts Other Women, Even Though I Know That They Are Only Friends and Colleagues? Am I Going Crazy!?

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8. How Long Was My Longest Relationship? Should I Make It My Primary Goal to Make Sure This One Goes Longer than That before Taking the Next Big Step?

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9. Wait, do I Feel Stuck? Am I Stuck? is This Relationship Making Me Feel Stuck or is This Just What Settling down Feels like?

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