The Wrong Reasons to Get Married ...


Getting married is a wonderful thing.

Being married is special.

There are dozens of reasons to get married.2

But, there are also some very good reasons why not to.

Simply wanting to is not good enough.

Here are some of the wrong reasons to get married:

1. Family Pressure

Top of the list of wrong reasons to get married is pressure from your family to finally settle down and begin the next chapter of your life.

What parents and grandparents tend to forget is that times have changed significantly since their marriages and it is simply not a foregone conclusion that you have to marry your long-term partner anymore.

The decision to get married should be one made by you and your partner alone;

no external voices should be heard!



"The three things a guy should want to change about his girl is her last name, address and her viewpoint on men."~Kid Cudi
How about the gold-diggers?
Desiree Petit de Murat
I have observed lately that several women just want to get married just to live the experience of the party, the wedding dress, etc. that's also a terrible reason to get married.
I agreed with you Sarah!!! To have a happy marriage, love is not enough. You have to love that person emotionally an physically.
Although i do agree marriage should not be for the wrong reasons suggesting "true love" as the only right reason seams unfair to me also a little poetic and naive, first of all who can actually define true love and if many couples got divorced after marriage out of love how come this is the most important aspect we should judge a marriage by? True love needs time and develops with intimacy and if your belief and self respect doesn't agree with living with someone before marriage does this mean you are not going to succeed in your marriage? If you were not lucky enough in love or not an emotional person to begin with does this mean you should spend your life alone childless virgin just because the "one way" described here doesn't suit you? I believe a successful marriage needs love but not only love , having similar goals in life and being in harmony mentally , physically and emotionally is more important, if love was the only aspect we judge with we will keep sacrificing all the incompatibilities all the inconvenience till we can't take it anymore and we fall out of love , this idea in my opinion is the true reason divorce rate is up to the roof now
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