There Are Different Types of Chemistry in a Relationship, Well Who Knew? 💕 ⚗ ...


Relationship experts are always learning more about how your partnership works.

When it comes to chemistry, there are several basic types that can help you determine the compatibility of your relationship.

Chemistry is important for a healthy relationship and not just the physical kind.

In fact, physical chemistry doesn't even indicate full compatibility.

Here are the important types of chemistry any relationship should have.

1. Spiritual Chemistry

This refers to how closely matched you are with your partner when it comes to things like religion, ethics and morals.

When you are similar in these aspects of life, you are probably much more compatible with one another.

After all, warring values can cause distress within a relationship and can make it hard to agree on important issues like how to raise kids, how to celebrate holidays and what morals drive your partnership.

2. Personality Chemistry

When you think about chemistry with your personalities, consider how you get along in general.

This has nothing to do with how attracted you are to your partner, but instead has to do with how well you interact and whether you clash over things all the time or not.

3. Sexual Chemistry

This type of chemistry is important to a relationship and experts say that you'll know it when you feel it.

It's vital to note that sexual chemistry can wax and wane as your relationship goes through changes, such as marriage, parenthood or life stress.

If things are generally good and you have similar feelings about how often and what kinds of sex you have, you probably have plenty of sexual chemistry.

4. Lifestyle Chemistry

When you and your partner are compatible in terms of lifestyle, you share similar passions and interests.

That means you both love traveling or trying new restaurants or going hiking.

It also includes bigger things like whether or not you want kids or where you want to live.

Intellectual Chemistry
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