These Are the 7 Things Men Wish Women Knew about Them ...


Thereโ€™s a lot more mystery about the opposite sex than there are secrets to the cosmos. But while the tools to understand the secrets of space are all about high-tech accuracy โ€” the Hubble Telescope and Hadron Collider โ€” what tools do we have for understanding the opposite sex? Your motherโ€™s 1950s advice about sock hops, Maxim/Cosmo, and โ€œMen are From Mars and Women are From Venus.โ€ Maybe itโ€™s time some brave man (me) crosses the aisle and lets women know a few of the things men really wish women knew about them.

1. Men Think Women Are Beautiful with or without Makeup

Men are not attracted to your makeup. They are attracted to your mind, your sense of humor, the adorable snorts when you laugh, the way you sneeze like a baby mouse, your confidence and your beautiful smile. Makeup can be used, like fashion, to express yourself, and you probably wear it more for yourself, and men do appreciate when you want to look โ€œbetter.โ€ But you shouldnโ€™t feel like youโ€™re not beautiful without it. Because you are mind-blowingly beautiful either with or without it.

Intelligence is the New Boob Job


So true!
So true!!!
Men are from Mars, woman from Venus! We will never fully understand each other but great article! Bless ๐Ÿ’
Excellent advice, amazing writing! Thank you, Anthony! Keep them coming! PS: especially enjoyed the "what's wrong" but. Duly noted! Lol! My poor husband.
Thank you Anthony! For an interesting perspective, juxtapose Anthony's post with Holly's post from a couple of days ago regarding "low maintenance" women...
Yes men like something natural, cos I met many men who became attracted to me cos I always looks natural
Funniest shit ever ๐Ÿ’
Casey Egan
I love this, especially since it especially says men instead of boys, because unfortunately most "boys" are shocked to see girls naturally and find smart girls boring. It's put things in a whole new l...
Such a beautiful article to read!
very good post. :)
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