These 17 Things Don't 🚫 Actually Make You a Bad Girlfriend 👫 ...


Chances are that you're an amazing girlfriend, so don't sell yourself short.

The things you think you're doing wrong are just normal habits.

So don't worry, because these things don't actually make you a bad girlfriend:

1. Looking at Other Men

Looking at Other Men

You're in a relationship, but you're not dead.

That means you're going to notice attractive men.

As long as you don't act on your lust, it's A-okay.

Wanting Attention


He told me to slow down and stop talking that way
So I Said that is wrong and that i take it in the bad way right now and that I don't underestimate them anymore and that I feel like it's against me
But no they didn't
He comes home and they tell him you can't go you have to help your brother and dad at work and I think that's okay but they know that we share the whole weekend together and they could've told him at the beginning of the week or maybe one day earlier
Yesterday he came home from his job and we meet every weekend and they know it
Not anything more
But I said that I didn't like it and that it was wrong and that I'm hurt
But I didn't say anything I wasn't arguing about it
And our plans were crashed
So we had to wait the hole day till 3-4 pm to get the fourth car
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