These 17 Things Don't 🚫 Actually Make You a Bad Girlfriend 👫 ...


Chances are that you're an amazing girlfriend, so don't sell yourself short.

The things you think you're doing wrong are just normal habits.

So don't worry, because these things don't actually make you a bad girlfriend:2

1. Looking at Other Men

Looking at Other Men

You're in a relationship, but you're not dead.

That means you're going to notice attractive men.

As long as you don't act on your lust, it's A-okay.

2. Wanting Attention

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You're not needy for wanting attention.

Your boyfriend is supposed to be there to give it to you.

3. Wanting Time to Yourself

Wanting Time to Yourself

You don't have to be by your man's side 24/7.2

In fact, it's healthier if you two spend some time apart.

4. Being Scared of a Serious Relationship

Being Scared of a Serious Relationship

We're all a little scared of getting serious, because we don't want to get our hearts broken.

Of course, if you push those fears aside, you can still have a happy relationship.

5. Getting Annoyed by His Parents

Getting Annoyed by His Parents

You're not always going to love your boyfriend's friends and family.2

You just have to learn to deal with them.

6. Getting Jealous

Getting Jealous

It's natural to get jealous when your boyfriend talks to other girls.

Just don't give him ridiculous rules about who he is and isn't allowed to associate with.

7. Telling Little White Lies

Telling Little White Lies

If you lie to your boyfriend about liking his new outfit or haircut, don't feel bad.

Everyone tells those little white lies.

8. Fighting with Him

Fighting with Him

Arguments are unavoidable.

As long as you deal with them in a responsible, mature manner, there's nothing to worry about.2

9. Turning down Sex

Turning down Sex

You won't always be in the mood to have sex.

Your boyfriend should understand that.

10. Having Male Friends

Having Male Friends

Having male friends doesn't mean you're a horrible person.

It's entirely possible to be friends with the opposite sex without cheating on your partner.

Having Different Hobbies
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