7 Things Guys do That You Shouldn't Overanalyze ...


Whether we have a crush on a guy or have been in a relationship with him for years, we overanalyze the little things that he says and does. Of course, some of the things that we focus on are ridiculous. Most of the time, the things that you're worried about mean nothing and are only causing you unnecessary stress. Here are some of the most common things we worry about when we shouldn't:

1. His Short Texts

If it takes him an hour to text you back, it doesn't mean that he's at a party with hot women swarming around him. He might've just been taking a shower. If he responds with "k" after you typed a paragraph of text, it doesn't mean he wants the conversation to end. Some people are just bad at keeping the conversation flowing.

His Glances at Girls


Renad Pineda
Im like this i should put this in my mind always...
Snarky Girl
His moans? Wth?
This was definitely me at one point. But calming down and kind of just "not caring" anymore really helps. Like, who cares? If he messes up, then he loses something great.
This is so true! I found myself overanalyzing everything and then once I calmed down our relationship became better than ever. Things seemed to flow more smoothly too
was this written by a man!
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