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So, what are the things guys notice first? Believe it or not, that hottie in the corner of the coffee shop that you noticed right away isn't totally buried in his book. He is checking you out! You may not be aware of it, but he is noticing everything about you. In an online poll, guys admitted that there are a few signs that a girl is worth getting to know a little better. While some of these things that guys notice about a girl may be obvious, others are really subtle! Ready to sneak one by him? If you know what he's going to zone in on first, you can take a little extra time on and give a bit of TLC to those areas! Here's your list of 13 things guys notice first!

1. Luscious Locks

Luscious Locks

Usually, when a guy sees a girl, his eyes automatically look at her face. And he thinks about whether or not she is pretty to him. But what if his first glimpse of you is the back of your head? Some guys have said that they can tell if a girl is pretty or not just by looking at the back of her head! Wanna know how? Her hair! A girl's hair is a dead-give away on how she takes care of herself and presents herself. Make sure your hair is shiny, luscious and bouncy. Even if you don't have time to curl it everyday, at least make sure it's clean and combed out. Your hair should look like it smells heavenly and feels like silk!

Perfect Posture


Apparently not all guys are the same. These are most of the things I notice first in a girl. But hey, that's just me, a guy who's looking for more than just one night stand and who does not have the "...
i need to get some heels, and a super cute purse. :P
its actually true,even i do that but my crush doesn't even know i like him
The day my man and I met we were on a common friend's party. I entered to the room and I thought he was very cute. I was only looking to have a good time with my friends and with not intended to meet ...
I LOOOOOOOVEEED UR ARTICLE!!!! Evrything in it is sooo true!! im doing all these things everyday now, and I'm so much more confident of my self! I didnt know guys weren't asking that much from us, and...
christy abaton
Wow! thank you so much for this article! I know, it will help me!
Obviously written by a delusional female using "wishful thinking" as a guide. I'm a guy, I have lots of buddies, and these are NOT the 10 things ANY of us notice first... Wake up from the dream, sister, this list sure ain't real life!
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