8. Give Him Space

Just like you, your man also needs his space. Don’t make him feel suffocated or clustered inside your relationship or marriage! Give him “guy time,” because just like you need to spend some quality time with your girlfriends, your man also feels the need to spend some time with the guys, drinking some beer, playing some pool or some video games. Don’t smother him; just give him his freedom! It’s the right thing to do.

Don’t Try to Change Him!


Lisa Zhae
the important thing is when u married with different culture...
Cindy Washington
Listen to his needs! He may not be as direct in telling you what he wants but he will tell you.
Not always true about his family. Sometimes he has to distance himself from them to be a decent person and if that\'s a condition for you that\'s ok. If he won\'t, it may be a deal breaker. I gave my ...
Leone Lobos
I\'m not even married and I can relate to all these stuff!
Most important: you must Respect him. \"Respect\" to men, is the same as \"Love\" to women.
This is really on point!
That\'s true....
Joulee Sahempajohn
So true 👻👻
It is so right!!! I was saying yes yes and yes for everything I read, and @cara is right about the culture. That's what I think
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