13 Surefire πŸ’₯ Signals He'll Give πŸ˜‰ if He's into You πŸ’˜ for Girls Unsure πŸ’πŸΌπŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸΏ ...


When your crush likes you, it's probably hard to tell right?

If you don't know all of the things he'll do when he likes you, how can you spot it out?

Well girls, I've had a lot of crushes and I've spotted all sorts of things he'll do when he likes you!

So if your crush always sits near you, treats you completely different from your friends and stutters, do you think he likes you?

Learn how to tell if he likes you below!2

1. He Will Be Distracted when You're around

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When you enter a room, does your crush instantly become distracted and can't complete his work – or even his meal?

This is absolutely one of the things he'll do when he likes you!

Not only will he be completely distracted, but he'll probably forget how to talk, where he is and he'll smile a whole lot.

It's all nerves, girls!



Sneha Sikder
Violet Nguyen
@jenny, that's mean that he been liking you kinda badly, just because how you look or he just looking somewhere at your private like your ass or your ****
Violet Nguyen
There's this guy who been liking me since like January or December, and he says that he wanted to be my boyfriend since February. So then I agree that he and I could be gf and bf, but he have to trust that promise, and he did. So then this month been a long time since when we were liking each other like a gf and bf, and so then my boyfriend says that he wants to marry me, we're going have a baby(which were too young to have a baby, and we were in fourth grade right now) and he wants to have *** with me at his house. But then I didn't want to do any of those, and I still wanted to be like gf and bf. But the guy says that we're going to get marry at next week at March, Monday. But I wasn't ready for the marriage, so that guy was going to get a ring for me and him, but I was shocked that we're going to get married, so I told one of my friend that told me everything that my guy was telling them. And then she said that the ring was small, so she check it to see if it fits, it kinda did, so we well have to get married of me and the guy who's really in love a with me. So I brushed for the rest of the month of March. I didn't believe that me and the guy who's in love with me will get married at Monday, the 27. #AllWomensTalk, can you help me if should I marry the guy who's in love with me or should I still like being gf and bf? Because I need to know some advice or any answer to do with that guy.
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