7 Things He Does πŸ‘ to Show You πŸ‘πŸ‘ He Cares πŸ’‘ ...


Men and women have different ways of expressing affection but when a guy is really into you, there are obvious things he does to show you he cares.

It’s rare to find such a guy who possesses these qualities but when you find one that does, don’t let him go.

Next time you spend time with your guy, pay close attention to things he does to show you he cares!

1. He Respects You

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Showing you respect is one of the most important signs he cares about you.

This means: respecting your boundaries, respecting your morals and values, as well as respecting your family and friends.

If you ever at any point of your relationship feel uncomfortable, you probably feel deep down that there isn’t a level of mutual respect between the two of you.

When a guy respects you, I mean REALLY respects you, he will be patient with you and he will never be forceful.

He Gives You Space


i think that in this period of time every one and i mean male and female have different perspectives and they want different things
Pat M
Ladies, if your guy isn't all of these then he'd better be 90%. Not every guy is demonstrative or super talkative but when they truly love you they let you know. and if they aren't 100% supportive lose them.
Elena Mayuga
Is there an article about why someone fall out of love even if they're only at a dating stage that acts as if they're in a relationship? I'm kind of in a dilemna here I want some answers :) tnx
Live reading this article,,
Thank you for the advice! Love this❀️
Very helpful 😘💋❀️
Merry Louie
Got 7 out of 7. This must be ❤😍
love this article!
Wonderful article! It's making me think how many of these my ex possessed and he failed at 3 or 4, probs better for me we recently ended things so I can find someone who does have all of these qualities.
love this article.... I love that he has these qualities and so much more!
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