7 Things His Flirting Moves Can Tell You about Him ...


If you’re trying to dissect your crush’s actions, there are things his flirting moves can tell you about him.

Every guy shows his affection in a different way.

His personality is going to determine the way that he chooses to flirt with the girls he’s interested in.2

Here are some things his flirting moves can tell you about him and what he wants:

1. Pet Names

If he calls you by a specific, personalized nickname, that’s adorable!

However, if he alternates between calling you ‘baby’ and ‘sweetie,’ without ever using your name, there could be a problem.

If he flirts around, he uses those generic names in order to keep from calling you the wrong name.

One of the things his flirting moves can tell you is if you’re his only girl, or if he’s trying to get with everyone he sees.

Of course, he might just like the sound of the word ‘baby,’ so don’t jump to any conclusions, unless he shows multiple signs that he’s a player.

2. Playfulness

If he high fives you and teases you, he’s flirting in a friendly way.

It’s important to be friends first, so he’s helping build a strong relationship.

Whether he realizes it or not, his playfulness is helping relax you.

If he flirts by using this fun, carefree method, it shows that he’s always willing to make you smile.

3. Hot Vs Pretty

Does he casually compliment your earrings or comment on how sexy your legs look?

It’s important to realize the difference in compliments that you receive.2

Two people can tell you how great you look, but in very different ways.

It’s a better sign to hear that he loves the way you look in your dress than that he loves how tightly it fits.2

The latter suggests that he’s only interested in your body, and isn’t afraid to say it.

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