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There are certain things that your boyfriend should be happy to do for you.

Meanwhile, there are other things that you have no business asking your boyfriend to do for you.

He's not your toy, which means you're not in control of every aspect of his life.

Even if your boyfriend would die for you if you asked him to, here are a few things that it's unfair to ask your boyfriend to do:

1. End Friendships

There are certainly exceptions to this rule.

If your boyfriend is friends with a sketchy ex or with a guy who has cursed you out, then it's perfectly fine for you to ask him to stop talking to them.

However, if you just don't like one of his friends, because the guy is immature, you shouldn't order your boyfriend to cut contact with him.

You don't have to like all of your partner's friends, just like he doesn't have to like all of your friends.

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@DeborahCarreon agreed. If any of these "women" told their man not to do or do something, he can just leave. You need to give your man space and let him enjoy his life.
@Olivia I quote myself "Sexual Expression is an art." that isnt just porn, it is also sex in your personal life. Grow up. Also if you dont agree with it then you dont have to do.
It definitely depends on the person and the relationship. I agree with Jennapher. If he is hiding it and not telling you then that may be a red flag. Keep in mind Ted Bundy started out watching soft core porn which turned in to hard core which eventually did not satisfy his needs and he started killing! No of course not everyone is a murderer and I'm not saying that porn will always lead to killing. Again it depends on the person. It can be harmless for some men to watch it occasionally or even help spice up a relationship by watching it together. But for some it is a dark desire and can lead to an addiction and/or violence and unrealistic expectations. If you are okay with porn then don't bring it up but if you are not okay with it then it needs to be addressed. People need to be themselves and have freedom but that also means being true to yourself if you have a problem with it. You need to express it or it festers and causes issues. Don't feel like you are not a true, loving, real woman by not being comfortable with it. Stand up for yourself and your standards!!! http://www.pureintimacy.org/f/fatal-addiction-ted-bundys-final-interview/
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