2. Lose Weight

You should love your boyfriend just the way he is. That's why you shouldn't ask him to lose weight or cut his hair. If he asks for your opinion about his style, then feel free to tell him the truth. But if he's comfortable with his looks, you shouldn't insult him by telling him to change his entire appearance.

Stop Watching Adult Videos


Jessica Michelle
Is this live?
Ally loooooooool that's hilariousπŸ‘
You have to be a real bitch to do these things, shame on whoever does
Bunch of prudes. All men watch porn. And if you tell them not to then that'll more than likely make them want to do it more. If you're not with him and he's horny what would you rather him do, wat...
If you think your man doesnt watch porn your sooo naive and women can enjoy porn to btw not everyone ends up an addict which is fairly obvious given the billions not millions of people that watch it
I strongly agree with KaRen. Well said...as we can see there is difference of opinion amongst us women regarding porn. If it is so important for those women who think so strongly against porn and wont...
Family...everyone spends more time with family single than paired off, it's just part of being married.
I plan to ask all these things of my next spouse, give or take maybe the job, but that really depends on the job. Friends...well love interests and assholes aren't friends.
Summer Rose
Who ever wrote them must have low self esteem. Never tell a woman she should settle for a guy who watches porn. There are too many guys out there who are satisfied with their girls to not feel they should watch other women = cheating
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