2. Lose Weight

You should love your boyfriend just the way he is.

That's why you shouldn't ask him to lose weight or cut his hair.

If he asks for your opinion about his style, then feel free to tell him the truth.

But if he's comfortable with his looks, you shouldn't insult him by telling him to change his entire appearance.

Stop Watching Adult Videos


Stormie Bearden
My fiancΓ© and I watch porn together and we bond very well and I have learned his fantasies and he absolutely loves it. Porn isn't cheating. I know you girls have looked at other men, so therefore that's cheating right? No. It's not cheating and you seriously make yourself sound stupid by saying he's mentally cheating.
Hopeless romantic
Watching porn is a nono. It hits me but certainly i dont want him to watch that.
There is no need for porn. It's a no for me.
#3 is just a Pandora's Box...it's out there, and in many cases it's free, so guys will watch...but referring to "porn" is like referring to "drugs"....you are covering a very wide spectrum with one word, some porn is just highly sexual, bearing in mind that this stuff is not "real", so I can see sharing a lust-filled evening with certain types of porn. But some porn is exceptionally disturbing and violent, not to mention gay porn, and transgender porn...and some of it is expensive. If my guy came to me and asked me if I minded or cared, I would probably say watch what you want. But if I guy is watching and not telling you, or you catch him and he's embarrassed or in denial, then I think you have entered a whole new territory. Couples must be honest to survive. If a guy tells you he watches, or inquires about it, that's one thing. But if you "catch" him watching, or he's watching behind your back, I'd say that is a definite red flag in a relationship. At the same time, ladies, what if YOU like to watch it, and he doesn't know? He catches you watching, how would that play? There's a huge dif between smoking pot and smoking meth...
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