3. Stop Watching Adult Videos

Some women consider watching adult videos cheating. However, your man is always going to find other women attractive. Wouldn't you rather have him fantasize about stars on a computer screen than actual women that he knows?

Spend Less Time with His Family


@casey I stopped watching their videos they kept their relationship a secret for so long it is so annoying.
Who keeps using pictures of Zoe and Alfie for these types of articles?
I never really thought about him watching porn as cheating. I'm ngl, I did ask my bf to stop watching it a while ago. I didn't ask him to stop because he was "cheating" though, i asked him to stop bec...
I agree with all those against porn, it is so unhealthy for a relationship
@DeborahCarreon agreed. If any of these "women" told their man not to do or do something, he can just leave. You need to give your man space and let him enjoy his life.
@Olivia I quote myself "Sexual Expression is an art." that isnt just porn, it is also sex in your personal life. Grow up. Also if you dont agree with it then you dont have to do.
It definitely depends on the person and the relationship. I agree with Jennapher. If he is hiding it and not telling you then that may be a red flag. Keep in mind Ted Bundy started out watching soft c...
Desiree Petit de Murat
Watching porn make expectations in men change, women in those videos act in an unrealistic way, enjoying absolutely EVERYTHING from a male's point of view of what is pleasurable, and with bodies that ...
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