3. Stop Watching Adult Videos

Some women consider watching adult videos cheating.

However, your man is always going to find other women attractive.

Wouldn't you rather have him fantasize about stars on a computer screen than actual women that he knows?

Spend Less Time with His Family


As far porn goes my hubby and I watch together doesn't bother me at all...
Losing weight is a positive thing and something couples can do to motivate each other doesn't have to be a thing of vanity .
Tip to guys: if the girl tried to control what you watch, that's your sign to dump her.
I just opened this cuz Zoella lol
I don't agree with #2 and 3. Porn is bad and I live with an obese husband and it's killing my marriage so...
Lol a bunch of prudes. My and my man watch it together. It opens the door for trying new things and brings us closer because we are not ashamed to tell each other what we want.
@Mmss and @Yohanny I think that is amazing and you ladies are the kind that will be able to keep a man.
I would say stop watching things with porn, or anything 18+ if its based on sexual themes or swearing. I'd say violence is ok in moderation, but 14A are still very adult, have interesting themes and be good movies.
Whoa whoa whoa. These comments shocked me. Girls do not act like you have never once viewed porn. Also if a guy watches it that is totally fine as long as he is not addicted. It is in no way cheating; he is not physically getting involved. Also maybe if he is into porn, try being open minded and watch it with him to find out what he is into and what his fantasy is cause then you can make that fantasy a reality for him. And when someone watches porn they dont "fanatize" about other people they just want to feel sexually stimulated, which is normal. And if porn is "disgusting" and so many people "claim" they dont watch it yet it is a multi-billion dollar industry worth more than hollywood. Sexual expression is an art and can be expressed in so many ways.
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