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We women over-analyze everything, whether we like to admit it or not, and that is why I am going to share with you 7 things men and women interpret differently. More often than not we text, email, or say things to a guy with an alternative agenda, and as a guy he just takes it for what it is. I like to say women are about 50 shades of grey, while men are basically black and white. Just because we state we want to go see a movie, tell them we're going to be at a place with friends, or ask what they are doing, it's usually because we have an ulterior motive. Instead of just being upfront and honest and telling a guy we're thinking of them, we'd like to hang out with them, or that we had fun the other night, women use every other option possible to beat around the bush based off of fear and insecurity. When in actuality, guys need you to be upfront because they aren't going to be able to read your mind. We think they have special powers but all in all, men really only read what you put in front of them. The following are going to help you see 7 things men and women interpret differently.

1. The Initial Hello

How many times do you look at your phone when you're texting a boy and what he uses as the initial hello is going to make or break the conversation? For some reason many girls have come to believe if he writes just a "hi," it's bad, and if he gives you a "hey!" it's great, when in all honesty that is just not the case. We base the amount of emoticons, punctuation marks, and word choice of a greeting on how much a guy is into us, making this one of the biggest things men and women interpret differently. In actuality, we never really know what he's doing at the moment or where his head is at. Maybe you caught him at work, getting his exercise on, or he's busy driving and doesn't want to get a ticket. On the other hand, he could be talking to other girls, or maybe got back with an ex girlfriend. The point is to not make yourself crazy because a guy definitely isn't doing that to himself. How you say hi to a guy isn't going to bother him at all. If he doesn't care, then don't worry yourself either!

What Are You Doing?


I have a question, to make things short me and bf had a fight so I asked him if he was gonna break up with me cause he hasnt been txting me or calling me like he said he would but he said he will talk...
Gina Marie Taylor
"When in actuality, guys need you to be upfront because they aren't going to be able to read your mind." I have this problem with guys. I'm upfront. I DESPISE beating around the bush, but I've yet to ...
@Breezee too be honest though I dated plenty of older guys when I was 14 I was at least in high school. What grade you're in makes a huge difference in your maturity it truly does. It seems like to ...
@Angela Gallagher Probably just not that comfortable around you yet. Let him warm up.
@livy he wants to know that you can be his back up that he can still have control over you because he knows you still have feelings for him. Don't let him do that to you. Drop him.
I agreed with everything until the "I love you" part. From my experience no guy has ever just tossed the "I love you" around except for one guy who constantly did it to get in every girls pants, but ...
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