3. That Sounds Fun

Men constantly take things sexually, even if you aren't purposely putting it that way.

This is one way to be able to flirt with a boy with out being so open about it.

When a girl hears these words, we take it as him being sarcastic, or flirty, or just plain serious that whatever you are talking about sounds fun.

When leading a conversation, use this saying to your advantage to tangle the bait in front of the boy you are playing with.

When it comes to hearing it from him, don't be that crazy that girl overreacts to everything.2

Just know more times than not, he literally means what he is saying with no hidden meaning.



@belle, yeah...ladies should chill more ;) (oops...here goes my emoticons :p)
"what are you doing?" - always d same interpretation by us, women..
This article is just spot on! Us women do over analyze things, it's good to have this reminder, that it's ok to just relax.
Oh god this helped me so much XD
This is very true. Except for saying goodbye. We never say goodbye. He is a firefighter so we always tell each other how much we love each other and never say goodbye bc it's not goodbye. We say see ya soon to give us that hope that we will see each other again.
I guess I see things as a dude does.. Haha.
Emoticons really?
Pretty accurate haha
Barbie Brown
Everything on this list is pretty accurate, and most girls just don't want to admit how foolish we can be when it comes to the opposite sex, especially a love interest.
What could a girl say if a guy says "I love you" jokingly, or even if he truly loves you as a friend?
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