4. Emoticons

Let me put this very clearly on where I stand with emoticons: do not use them. They are a lame excuse to hide your motive about how you really feel. If you let a guy know you are having a good day, no need to add a smiley face, pretty sure he thinks you're smiling if your day is swell. The universal meaning behind a winking face, "Please don't think I'm creepy.

I just made an awkward joke. Text me back LOL because my ego is on the line." Be aware of boys who use emoticons. They think they are coming off cute but truth is they either are trying too hard because you make them so nervous, or they are just simply sleazy. When a guy is seeing emoticons from a girl, it's a simple trigger point for them to know you like them. Don't give your emotions away too easily in those emoticons!

I Love You


Emoticons really?
Pretty accurate haha
Barbie Brown
Everything on this list is pretty accurate, and most girls just don't want to admit how foolish we can be when it comes to the opposite sex, especially a love interest.
What could a girl say if a guy says "I love you" jokingly, or even if he truly loves you as a friend?
Taryn smith
He could be texting and doesn't want to get a ticket LOL or maybe an accident ?
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