7 Things Men Are as Insecure about as You Are ...


Your boyfriend and guy friends may keep quiet about their feelings, but there are plenty of things men are insecure about. Women aren't the only gender who worry about what others think of them. Men can be just as cautious, but they try their best not to let it show. Here are some of the biggest things men are insecure about:

1. His Hair

We always want our hair to be styled perfectly, and while some men couldn't care less about how spiky their locks are, they're worried about it falling out. Men tend to lose their hair earlier than women do, so your boyfriend might be insecure about his hairline. That's why you shouldn't tease him for always wearing a hat, and trying to cover up his bald spot. Hair is one of the things men are insecure about, so don't poke fun at him.

His Weight


Money and intelligence is a sore point for some men
Agree with pimple, hair and weight.
Angie Van Meter
They can also need to be mr know it alls.. And then came google lol x
Sapna Pathak
Ego n the gal being more proff successful than him
ya the money is true, and intelligence not so sure about the weight it's more about their strength and muscles
I would Defo agree with the money side.
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