7 Things Men do That Makes Us Love Them More ...


You love your guy for who he is and the special relationship you have together.

But sometimes he can just do things that steal your heart.

I can relate because my husband and I have these magical moments, too.

These are the moments to treasure and remember for always.

1. Kiss Your Forehead

What girl doesnโ€™t love it when her guy does this?

A kiss on the lips is loving, but thereโ€™s just something special about a kiss on the forehead.

It seems to say that youโ€™re deeply special to him and his love for you runs deep.2

Itโ€™s a forever kind of kiss that men who are seriously committed give.

If your guy does this, youโ€™re a lucky girl.

Hold You when You Cry


peony blue
my other half will hold me close when i am sobbing or give me a kiss on the forehead but best of all all he makes me brekkies every morning. awwwwww!
Only 1 thing protective is shown nothing else what is the meaning of it can u tell me?
Elise Hjelmervik
You and your husband seem so cute, Alicia! I love your articles.
Mine doesn't do any of these. I just know when we're together or the way he looks at me ๐Ÿ‘€
I like it if he tie my shoestrings by kneeing down! I am feeling like a princess! ;) Afterwards A kiss is his price
Alex Fleming
My man always calls or messages me every night and I never have to ask. He always kisses my forehead when we are together and always wraps his arms around me at night. It makes me feel so warm inside. And I think my feelings for him have grown even more stronger after seeing how fun and loving he is with his little daughter. He is so wonderful! ๐Ÿ˜
Isabella Coles
I love the fact that the forehead kiss is the first thing there, it always makes me feel like I'm worth a lot to my man. I love him even in my dreams, we've been together for 4 years and he just proposed last week ^_^ I'm so happy!
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