7 Things Men do That Makes Us Love Them More ...


You love your guy for who he is and the special relationship you have together.

But sometimes he can just do things that steal your heart.

I can relate because my husband and I have these magical moments, too.

These are the moments to treasure and remember for always.

1. Kiss Your Forehead

What girl doesn’t love it when her guy does this?

A kiss on the lips is loving, but there’s just something special about a kiss on the forehead.

It seems to say that you’re deeply special to him and his love for you runs deep.

It’s a forever kind of kiss that men who are seriously committed give.

If your guy does this, you’re a lucky girl.

Hold You when You Cry


Shannon Bauer
I need some boy I love
My bf does all this except he gets me gifts instead of flowers cos he knows I don't like flowers lol i told him on our first date that i dont like flowers so never gotten one from him haha. I try to reciprocate by making him feel loved and special 😊
My boyfriend does 5 out of the 7 on this list. That ain't bad!
Awwww... So perfect!!!
Barbie Towe
My boyfriend kisses me on the forehead every night before we fall asleep. It makes me feel special and love him more. 💋
My wife is the best person that I have ever meet and I don't know what I would do without her, I will have to try a little harder to surprise her.
My husband is from another culture. He has never done any of this in 20 years, but I love him anyway! I know he loves me too- I can tell somehow.
On our wedding day when we exchanged rings my husband kissed me on my forehead :)
Bailey Justice
These are all great!
She Loves Love
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