10 Things Men do Wrong in Bed ...


Many men don’t know all of the things that they do wrong in bed. They can’t stop talking about sex and they assume they’re the best out there. They boast about their bedroom skills, but they’re truly clueless as to what they’re doing wrong. Read on to discover the 10 things men do wrong in bed.

1. Pay Attention

Pay Attention

Women love foreplay. We consider it to be an essential part of sex. We adore being kissed and explored. When you don’t indulge us with foreplay, we feel like we’re being ripped off. Skipping foreplay is one of the major things men do wrong in bed. It makes sex feel rushed. Of course there are times when we get caught up in the moment, and foreplay isn’t a real concern. When that happens, it’s totally awesome. But, when foreplay is regularly omitted, however, we’re not happy. Spend time kissing and caressing us, please.

Don’t Assume Anything


Great points!!!!
Don't be predictable, you better go down on me, and don't rush it, and make sure I get lotsa lovin'before you even think about sticking it in, but I like it when you're aggressive, and throw me down o...
Chanel and Co
I agree with the predictable part. We should not jump in the position before we get started lol.
Oh okay thank you Athena :)
Falling asleep right after!
I agree w men being more aggressive and manly it's very attractive. Makes it more intense.
Shaving/trimming their private area
What's manscaping???
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