17 Things Men Find 🔍 Unattractive 🤐 in Women 👫 for Girls Wondering 🤔 What Not to do ...


You already know that men are turned on by a lot of tiny things, but they're turned off by a lot of tiny things, too. Here are a few things that men find unattractive in women:

1. Low Confidence

Low Confidence

Confidence is sexy. If you're always going on and on about how horrible you are, then it's going to push him away.



Kira Hanna Keppel
This app should be about building women up without tearing them down by trying to change them to appease men. This article is horrible.
Kayley Marie Duncan
someone who over exaggerates and who doesn't admit when they're wrong and likes to argue are annoying qualities to me
Any* not "and".
I don't like traits such as arrogance and pessimism in a guy. Please just be humble and have goals, and a zest for life. I love confidence in a guy, just not to the point when they feel as if no one c...
Midnight Rose
The gifs are hilarious!
The gifs are spot on
Some men have these qualities.
Helpful article thank you
Mmakan Albert
This article is really helpful, thank you
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