16. Jealous


He won't mind if you're jealous over his exes, but he won't be happy if you get pissed whenever a little old lady looks at him.



I hate men who have no hobby like do something productive and touchy men
I hate lazy people in general (not just men). And people who talk a big game but never actually do anything.. Ew
Pretty much how often do men make every move to please women
Be yourself. If he doesn't like it he can move on!
@BeGailCo FOR REAL!!
I'm not trying to just please a man, if I don't shower one day, who the fuck cares? Yes you need to make eachother happy but not everything I do is for my man.
Dominik Mason
This article is so nit-picky, "Yes be confident, but don't be TOO confident" like wtf?? Women have been hearing this for sooo longπŸ™„ Like how about find a man who can love your strengths and weaknesses, and love him just as equally. If you wanna be a better person, do it with yourself in mind, not a man. This article could've been so productive, what a shame. And anyway, if I wanted to know what a guy likes or doesn't like, I'd read an article written by a man. Just saying.
Ash Lee
Do you want a dumb jock? Do you want a clingy boyfriend? Do you want a man that doesn't shower? I'd say these turn offs are pretty spot on for both genders.
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